ATPE - Association of Texas Professional Educators. Anti-union organization of teachers, supervisors, and administrators.

CSOTTE - Consortium of State Organizations for Texas Teacher Education. Umbrella organizations for Texas organizations for teacher education

SBEC - State Board for Educator Certification. New state agency created by Senate Bill 1 to oversee all aspects of certification of educators in Pre-K through grade 12

TACA - Texas Alternative Certification Association

TACO - Texas Association of Certification Officers

TACTE - Texas Association of Colleges for Teacher Education or the Council of Deans of Education

TAECTE - Texas Association of Early Childhood Teacher Educators

TAPHERD - Texas Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance

TCTA - Texas Classroom Teachers Association. Anti-union organization of teachers.

TDFE - Texas Directors of Field Experiences. Represents the individuals from each campus who place student teachers and teacher aides

TEA - Texas Education Agency. The state agency responsible for implementing legislation and actions of the State Board of Education.

TFT - Texas Federation of Teachers. A.F. of L. affiliate.

TPFEA - Texas Professors of Educational Administration

TSCTE - Texas Society of College Teachers of Education. Represents faculty in teacher education.

TSTA - Texas State Teachers Association. NEA affiliate.

TTE - Texas Teacher Educators. Represents those interested in student teaching and field-based education. Includes public school teachers as well as college/university personnel.