Meeting Dates


***Mark your calendar***
May 23-25, 2021

Retreat and reservation details:
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  • Hotel reservations:
    1. Hotel phone—1-409-515-2154mention TACTE
    2. Rate--$149.00
    3. Deadline for reservations to get this rate—May 7, 2021
    4. These rates are good for Sunday night-Thursday night, based on availability.
  • Retreat information:
    1. Fee--$190.00
    2. Fee for guest on Sunday night--$45.00
    3. Deadline for registration—May 7, 2021
    4. Late registration fee--$225.00
  • Online Virtual meeting:
    1. Fee--$100.00
    2. More information plus a link will be sent prior to the meeting date.
  • Retreat information and schedule (times are approximate at this date):
    1. Relaxed attire—this is the coast and the beach!—no suits, no ties, no Sunday best, no professional business attire.
    2. Sunday morning:  no events planned until evening; on your own.
    3. Sunday evening (about 5:30-9:00): Reception with Heavy Hors d’oeuvres
      “Catch-up time”!  Meet old friends and new; network; enjoy a casual get-together!
    4. Monday morning (7:30-8:00): Breakfast; program; lunch; program.
      Finish at 3:00-3:30
      Afternoon and evening on your own.
    5. Tuesday morning (7:30-8:00): Breakfast; program wrap-up
      Tuesday morning (10:00-12:00): TACTE business meeting; adjourn by noon.